In Spain

In Spain, approximately 98,881 tons of textile waste are disposed of per year, of which approximately 2.1 kg per person per year is just fabric and only .2 kg per person per year is recycled.


Zero Waste

Within the fashion industry there is an enormous amount of "waste" ranging from scraps of fabric, leftover yarn, plastic and paper that we are committed to recycle or reuse as the case may be.

At Harb we interpret the leftover pieces of fabric as a misused resource and therefore a misused planet WASTED FABRIC=WASTED RESOURCES & WASTED PLANET so we are committed to make and recover smart cuts and recovering leftover fabric and paper, to give them a second life and  reduce our water and carbon footprint and help others to do so.We receive clothes donations in exchange for a 5% discount for each kg of fabric, that way we are a  100% committed to be a zero waste brand.