Slow Fashion: is a concept that promotes transparency in production processes so that consumers know who, where and under what conditions the clothes they are wearing have been made. Harb supports this philosophy by creating responsible clothing consumption, which seeks to raise awareness of the impact of clothing on the environment, the depletion of resources and the impact of the textile industry on society. We make sure that the quality of each garment is extraordinary and that each person involved gets a fair remuneration for the work they do so that it reaches the consumer  in the best possible way. 

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Things made with love take time,
things made from love are quality and they last...
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let's get rid of old beliefs and unify love 
We are all united, but we all have our own light, express everything you have inside, be you, be free.

Exclusive Designe

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Fair trade for every single one of the people behind the garments, from the seed seller, the transporter, the intern and everyone who earns living from it.
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In Harb we seek to unify, that's why we are in constant collaboration and what better way to do it than with art, music and drama, all forms of expression of the soul, cause together we create more.