Your mind is released, you connected with yourself and knew the self-love, peace takes hold of you, now you understand that it is not the darkness that are not your ghosts, it was you who had to release, chemical explosions and adrenaline invade your body, your fears become crystals and grow like roots throughout your being.


The kimono is hand-embroidered by Mexican natives, it has more than 5 different embroideries, that represent the different regions, the embroidery on a cotton,  It represents the dedication of patience to reach the result, you always return to the place where you were happy.


dedicated to the souls who left us on the physical plane to become light, and the ones who stayed behind to be guided by them.

Kimono Ángel

    • Hand-embroidered by Mexican natives
    • Dry clean
    • Take care of it as we do.

    • Betting on small studios full of passion. 

    • Exclusive and custom made design.

    • The price of the pieces, made to measure are subject to change or alteration.