It is a long nylon dress with a serge base, handled with the leftovers of all the garments in the collection, zero waste fabric.


The ruffles come out of the left side, as if they came directly from the heart, and run all over the body until they create a tail on the right side. Each manipulation shapes the body, and the lines follow the beat of the body, as if it were your own skin.

The leather on the chest side, like an armor, no longer penetrates the pain. 


At the end of the road we are spirits living a human experience, when the end comes, we leave everything in the physical plane, our energy remains, our love and memories, all that for which we fight constantly, is left behind, we release our fears, repressions, ghosts and stop fighting, the wounds are closed, we forgive and seek forgiveness, we have healed. All the physical fades away all the evil is forgotten and only the soul is left, light and empty but so full of you.


Dedicated to the souls who left us on the physical plane to become light, and the ones who stayed behind to be guided by them.

Dress Anuar

    • Black shell
    • Neopren and  Water resist, zip fastening through back.
    • Lightweight, non-stretchy fabric
    • No Waste dress, made with the rest of fabric of the collection and recycle leather.
    • 90 % PA, 10% PU, 100% leather, 50% PL, 50% CO,
    • Dry clean
    • Made in Spain