The craving continues to create weight in your body, the light begins to rise, and the blood runs through your veins, with such force that the body temperature rises, you are about to connect.

A short, asymmetrical dress as volume but very light. A single sleeve with pleats, which fall to the waist, simulating the sensation that you have left after a big sigh.


Long on the right side and short on the left, in the back it has a sort of wing, reflecting everything you have experienced, but at the same time it is structured, because now everything is balanced, it has mobility when you walk and the nylon gives the sensation of freedom.

Dress Nose

    • Black shell
    • Belt of the same fabric.
    • Lightweight, non-stretchy fabric
    • 90 % PA 
    • 10% PU
    • Dry clean
    • Made in Spain