You feel stuck in your own shadow, hidden behind your fears and anchored to your thoughts.


In this look I use only two smooth fabrics, a light one to give volume and one with more body to mark the stitches that run all over the garment, which represent the loop in which we live, tripping over the same mistake again and again, leaving the scars on us.


The loose piece of the arm has manipulated forms, representing the already healed wound, and leaving the scar like a piece of art on your body, a struggle overcome.


The structured shoulders and an upper part, is the representation of following the rules imposed by society, and at the same time, with the dress we cover everything that we are just showing the ego.


In the back, apart from the tail, there are 3 folds, which are hidden one inside the other, creating a sort of cave, without exit, layers and layers without reaching the end of the tunnel, which is the end to start the process.

Dress Raquel

    • Black shell
    • Neopren and  Water resist, zip fastening through front.
    • Lightweight, non-stretchy fabric
    • 90 % PA, 10% PU, 50% PL, 50% CO,
    • Dry clean
    • Made in Spain
    • The price of the pieces, made to measure are subject to change or alteration