In this dress represents the previous stage to depuration, which we achieved after the transition process, and we can see how you leave behind those ghosts and darkness, showing the transformation, from your anxiety into desire and fears into illusion, your true self is about to be released, you become capable of transforming all those phantoms and attachments into lessons and learning, loaded with them in a lighter and safer way.    

A long dress, all knitted with a black base and a very pronounced décolleté in the back, turtleneck in blue, like the crystals, covered with strips creating loops, and at the same time simulating an armor in the part of the shoulders. The color  symbolizes, the mysticism, that connects you with the spiral to achieve peace. 

Dress Transición

    • Slips on

    • 100% rayon.

    • Hand manipulation 

    • Dry clean

    • Shima Seiki machine

    • Made in Spain

    • Take care of it as we do.