Like catharsis itself, this collection is an explosion of organic volumes, bold colors and, quirky textures. A marked silhouette that accentuates the body, giving strength to the soul, a reflection of the emotions and vibrations that accumulate inside us, during the process.


The accessories were handmade with recycled materials in Spain and the shoes in Mexico using the techniques of our ancestors and applying them to the present.

Zero waste brand .

Haute couture atelier.



Nostalgia en el futro



The last cry for freedom


In ancient times when the conversation about energy came out, they used a concept called "Sacred Sound". Sound is the energetic force that organizes our galaxy and all matter has a profound effect on every atom of our body, mind, and spirit.


Each celestial body and each atom produces its own particular sound based on its movement, rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal spiritual harmony, in which although each element has its own function and character contributes to the unity of the whole.


"Each atom continually sings a song and in each tone, forms are created."





Four phases in a month, 

energy charges and the gift of life, 

warriors, femininity, and connection to the source,

the universe.


The power at the center of the body 

our energy raised into the spiral, 

a particular warrior, 

transmitting her power and wisdom, 

by putting up the woman and her repressed magic.

dedicated to a very special person,

my forever muse.




"SOMOS" invites us to come back to the present, to leave humanity behind and become beings, only to be. Rupture with the ego, false perception of who we are, return to our sacred space, to the depths of our roots, to strengthen our connection with who we truly are.


Prints inspired by revealed dreams treated in meditation, sacred plants, and powerful animals, all based on techniques inherited from our shamans and healers. To them love is sustainable, it follows an unbreakable cycle. Hand embroidered, a tribute to the great artisans, embedded minerals, created with a supersaturated solution of copper sulfate, a gift of nature.

Morir para vivir    


Morir para Vivir

How do you know light, if you haven't sunk into darkness?

How to enjoy laughter, without swimming a river of tears?

Who becomes brave, without experiencing fear?

Where does the force comes from, if not from pain?


How could you tell a story, if you don't have any scars?

Why would you hide your wounds, when you have won wars?

How could you live, without knowing you're going to die?

Give up, let go.


Rebirth, come back stronger

learn to live and stop surviving,

do not be afraid of death

Love life, worship your wounds

learn from your defeats.


Burning hot, being ashes

fly freely through the world, being nothing and no one

Being you, connecting your soul and body,

To reborn, to learn to love yourself as you,

knowing how to live with your defeats and crowning your triumphs.

Live, because you don't know when you'll die again