A timeless and genderless language, seeking to transmit emotions and sensations to restless souls.


Najjat Harb's mission is to show this world the power of connecting with our interior, the value of healing the soul through art, giving you strength and security on the outside to facilitate the inner battle, light and darkness, clarity and chaos, soul and body, a duality present in the universe to evoque peace and balance.


A zero waste brand with Haute couture and ready to go, exclusive designs delicately made with ancestral and handcrafted techniques, incorporating the technology of the modern world, always looking for the best quality, impregnating our passion to every detail.


 "In every creation a piece of me dies, in every design I tell you my life."



Harb knows that when you heal within you have to expand it to the world. That is why we are committed from the beginning, not only to transmit the message, but to take action, both socially and environmentally, always looking to grow and be able to give back to the world.

Discover the Haute Couture

and Ready to Wear collections

by Najjat Harb, an ethical,

zero-waste brand. 

An accumulation of energy and vibrations, which express history and feelings, through the explosion of ideas, textures and colors, in search of connection between body and soul.

Najjat Guerra